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GosuBlogger is a blog which is runned by a lot of writers from different parts of world. As a team our aim is to be useful for people. If we’re violating copyrights of any company / people while trying to achieve our aim. Please contact us via e-mail.


The videos in GosuBlogger has been taken from 3rd party video sharing websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and others and we have no relationship with the uploaders of videos. We just search for the video we’re looking for on Google and we embed video to our posts.

The coupons in GosuBlogger has been taken from other coupon websites, we just want to be useful for that company’s customers in addition to this, we make it easy for customers to find discount coupons. If we’re sharing something which isn’t allowed to distribute expect the company that holds the rights, please e-mail us and then we will delete the post which is considered as copyright violation.

We are sensetive about copyright issues because we know that there is big effort by many people behind the work thats why we want you guys to contact us once you see that we violate  your copyrights, simply send a mail to us stating the content URLs and then we will immediately delete the content and URLs.


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