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With Hot Shot Insecticide coupons you save up to $1.50 on Hot Shot insecticide products. You’ve got your outdoor bugs around the yard then you’ve got those annoying indoor pests that seem to have their habitat mixed up. For each category Hot Shot has indoor insecticide, natural insecticide and outdoor insecticide so you can use accordingly. Among the Indoor Insecticides there a plenty of bug killers to choose from including: No-Pest Strip, No-Mess Fogger, Ultra Liquid Ant Bait, Ultra Liquid Roach Bait, Bed Bug & Flea killer, Flying Insect Killer and Kitchen Bug Killer just to name a few. Use your Hot Shot printable coupons on any of these.


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Most of the above are available for outdoor insecticides too. Get the Ant Killing Gel to get rid of ants around your yard. Pest Control concentrate kills on contact and keeps protecting. Hot Shot offers wasp and hornet killers for those nests you notice on your patio or front porch that are bad business for enjoying your own yard. Other flying insect killers are available too. Hot Shot coupons have got you covered. Save $1.50 with Hot Shot Insecticide printable coupons. Finally Natural Insecticides are available for: Ant & Roach Killer, Flying Insect Killer, Home Insect Control & Wasp & Hornet Killer. Bed bugs are the recent insect problem on the East Coast and Hot Shot will fight against bed bugs too. Let Hot Shot help protect your family as well as pets from being stung, bitten or infected.

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