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Good Sense is a brand that provides quality snacks for a healthy and wholesome life. The brand was founded by Gerry Knight who was an advocate for healthy eating and making healthy choices even when it came to snacking. When he had a difficult time finding healthy snack options, he decided to create his own. So just over 30 years ago, he began mixing his favorite nuts, fruits, seeds and savory products. Today, his Good Sense trail mixes and snacks are carried nationwide and are available as: All-Natural, Organic, Whole Food Eating, Heart-Healthy, Convenience Packaging, Kid-Friendly Snacking and Crowd Pleasers.


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Good Sense premium snacks offer delicious varieties to satisfy your craving or need anytime of day. Their collection includes options such as: Dried Fruit, Trail Mixes, Savory Snacks, Nuts and Seeds, Snack Mixes, Yogurt and Chocolate and Single Serve varieties. The Good Sense Trail Mixes are some of my favorite. They include an excellent source of protein, fiber, Vitamin E, Omega-3, fatty acids and lots of other essential nutrients. They’re excellent when you have hunger pangs and just can’t stop to eat. With selections like: Mango Munch, Cranberries ‘N More, Caribbean Honey, Cherry Almond Fruit ‘N Nut Mix, Milk Chocolate Crunch and Tropical Trail Mix (my favorite), you’ll not only be satisfied but pleased that you’re enjoying such a healthy treat. And when you use the coupon provided in the link at checkout, you’ll be happy that you saved on your purchase.

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