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Paul Frederick men’s clothing company was founded just over 20 years ago as a shirt manufacturer that made fine dress shirts for upscale department and specialty stores. They quickly grew and began offering neckware and accessories as well. In the later 1990’s Paul Frederick added knit shirts and sweaters, sports coats and pants to their line since the business attire was becoming more casual. Their products are made with the very finest of fabrics and carefully tailored to Paul Frederick’s exact specifications.


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Paul Frederick offers their merchandise in direct mail-order catalogs or online at Their line-up includes: dress shirts, ties, custom dress shirts, cuff links, suits, trousers, sports coats, knits/sweaters, sport shirts, outerwear and vests, formal ware and accessories. A Paul Frederick dress shirt is an important part of your dress or business attire wardrobe, not just your normal run-of-the-mill shirt – they’re refined by size, collar, fit, fabric, type, cuff, pattern, color and price. With those specifications, you can get the perfect shirt from their wide selection. Visit their site and use the coupon code FZDDLS to save 20% on your purchase by February 28, 2010.

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