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Now wear a confident smile and bid adieu to cold sores with Abreva. Are you scared of winter for those painful cold sores that force you to hide your face in the open? How long will you endure them? Winter will be there every year, but it is now really possible to enjoy the chills without their bites. Forget cold sores, for Abreva has brought for you the absolute care of cold sores. Abreva is the only non-prescription drug approved by the FDA, because it heals faster than all others.


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Unlike other lip balms, the unique anti-viral formula of docosanol 10% penetrates deep into the skin to heal from inside and also stops and kills the virus the moment they land on your lips. Caress your lips with the moisturizing care of OTC Abreva that is available in both tube and pump. You can use the tube to apply as much you wish, while the pump delivers the exact amount required. Fight cold sores with the most formidable weapon that now comes with a soothing $3 off on Abreva.

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