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Spray ‘N Wash manufacturers cleansing products that helps get rid of dirt and food stains from your laundry. The different varieties included in their line-up are: Extra Strength, Dual Power Laundry, Stain Remover, Power Stain Stick, Power Stain Remover, Trigger and Refill and Spray ‘N Wash Max with Resolve Power. These products are easy to use and powerful agents that begins working as soon as they are applied to get the job done without pre-soaking, scrubbing and a lot of man-power. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see the results and will continue to use Spray ‘N Wash with your laundry.


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Spray ‘N Wash goes directly to those deep-down, dried-in soils and stains and begins to loosen the dirt without the use of harmful chemicals like other stain removers. The Spray ‘N Wash Max with Resolve Power formula has stain-fighting foam that penetrates the fibers of your clothing to dissolve the stains. Not only does Spray ‘N Wash eliminate the stains, but it leaves your clothing feeling soft to the touch with a nice fresh scent. You laundry will be restored to their original condition without much effort on your part. Stop by your local supermarket and get some Spray ‘N Wash so it’ll do the work for you. And use the coupon provided to save on your purchase.

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