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Kikkoman has been bringing the tastes of Asia right into your kitchen in meals with their wonderful rich flavorful sauces. They have a variety of sauces that include: include Thai Style Peanut Sauce, Oyster, Black Bean, Plum, Chili Thai Style, Sashimi and Memmi. These tasty sauces will add a special, authentic Asian taste to soups, vegetables, seafood, sushi, sashimi, meats, poultry and other great recipes. Kikkoman’s specially created sauces include selections like: Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauces, Teriyaki Takumi Collection Sauces, Quick & Easy Marinades, Ponzu, Curry Sauces, Asian Authentic Products, Seasoning Mixes, Soup Mixes and Soy Milk.


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Kikkoman Soy Sauce is one of my favorite Asian sauces which will give you the feel and taste of eating at a fine Chinese restaurant right in the comfort of your own kitchen. I enjoy making stir-fry vegetables and meats with the rich, smooth flavor of Kikkoman Soy Sauce. Their Teriyaki Sauces are also wonderful sauces that will enrich dishes with four distinct flavors – Kikkoman Quick & Easy Honey Mustard, Gourmet Teriyaki, Roasted Garlic Herb and Toasted Sesame. In addition the Teriyaki Takumi sauces add other unique flavors like Triple Ginger, Garlic & Green Onion, Spicy Miso and Original. And another unique flavoring is supplied by the Kikkoman Quick & Easy Marinates which will give your meats a tantalizing flavor that is second to none. Why don’t you check out Kikkoman products at your local grocery store and take some home to experience a taste of China and Thailand in your own kitchen.

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