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Reser’s Salad 3lb is available at $1 off! With the rise in health hazards, doctors worldwide are asking the people to keep their diets under close check. Thus this will mean denying yourself of the tasty but stocked with calories-chips, burgers, crispy chicken and what not! Thus you feel like your life is ruined for good. Look around again. Reser’s 3lb Salad packs have been around for more than 50 years, serving you the right kind of salad variations and helping you to maintain a good food habit. Thus you can quit the high calorie foods for a better lifestyle and switch to Reser’s salad.


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Enjoy American classic salads like original potato salad, deviled egg salad, macaroni salad, Cole slaw- something that keeps you filled up and keep you healthy and active. You can’t miss our Sensational sides which comprise of mashed potato varieties, broccoli type, macaroni and your favorite cheese variety. Go ahead and get the sliced bread, the hot dogs and the bagels ready to be treated with honor by Reser’s Salad and start believing in the words, eating good is in now!

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