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Knorr products have been on the market for many years and are used in households all over the world as Gravies, Classic Sauces, Bouillon, Pasta Sauces and Recipe Classics. They also make excellent side dishes that will compliment most meals and are Pasta Sides, Rice Sides, Asian Sides, Cajun Sides, Fiesta Sides, Italian Sides and Sides Plus Veggies. The flavors are varied and will give a kick to any meal or can be enjoyed alone. The Pasta Sauces can be used to prepare great dishes such as Alfredo, Pesto, Creamy Pesto, Parma Rosa, Garlic & Herb and Four Cheese. For Knorr Pasta sides, you can choose from about 12 selections, some of which are Alfredo Broccoli, Beef, Chicken Broccoli, Butter & Herb and Stroganoff.


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The Knorr Rice Sides include Creamy Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Mushroom and Cheddar Broccoli. For a Mexican Flavored side, the Taco Rice and Spanish Rice are tasty additions to your meal. And for a bolder flavor, try the Cajun Dirty Rice, Red Beans & Rice and Garlic Butter Rice. The Asian selections are Chicken Fried rice and Teriyaki rice. Make cooking simpler and use Knorr’s products to add a special flavor to your meal. And don’t forget the Sides Plus Veggies with Cheddar Rice with Broccoli & Carrots and Roasted Chicken Rice with Harvest Vegetables. Eat with Knorr and eat with pleasure!

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