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Freschetta products provide you with unsurpassed fresh taste in frozen pizza. They’ve got 5 varieties for your enjoyment with each just as tasty and good as the other. The 5 varieties are: Naturally Rising, Flatbread, Brick Oven, PizzaMore and Singles. The Naturally Rising Pizza brings fresh taste alive with dough that is kneaded, rolled and brushed with garlic, producing a crust that rises to perfection when baked. When that is topped with all the natural cheese, meat, vegetables and real tomato sauce, you’ll enjoy unbelievable fresh taste. These Naturally Rising pizzas are available as Supreme, Canadian Bacon & Pineapple, 4-meat, Pepperoni and 4-Cheese.


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The Flatbread Pizza is a light, crispy thin crust that supports sauce and toppings in 5-Cheese and Pepperoni flavors. Another favorite is their Brick Oven Pizza that’s fire baked in flavors such as 5-Italian Cheese, Italian Pepperoni, Classic Supreme and Spinach and Mushrooms. The Singles are just individual pizzas suitable for one and the PizzaMore Pizza is Freschetta’s exclusive Fresch-Bake style in a wide variety of toppings. Why get take-out when you can stay-in and enjoy Freschetta pizzas. And when you use the coupon provided, you’ll save $1.00 on your purchase.


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