Trou Hologram Mobile Phone

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Trou Hologram Mobile Phone – Trou Hologram Mobile Phone can be stated to be far ahead to those iPhone 3Gs and even the Palm Pre. It is a very futuristic concept. It is widely believed that about a decade hence, there would cease to be a possibility of any strife between the manufacturers involving the concept of display. The simple reason is that there would cease to be this idea of display at all in the then technological world. The screens would be replaced with Holograms. The Trou Hologram Mobile Phone is entirely dependant on the 3-D holograms and they get projected in the vacant display area. Beneath the inner surface of the hollow, you have this minute projectors’ line and this gives shape and a sense of utility to the various developments of the technology that are gradually evolving.

Trou Hologram mobile phone

Trou Hologram mobile phone

The entire idea requires the exterior of the mobile phone to be softer and as the essential attributes are ingrained together, you get a flexible vacant frame. It is through this that the hologram gets projected. As you hold it, it becomes a conventional mobile phone apart from the fact that what you witness before you is nothing but a 3-D holography. You can let your wrist go through the hole and you can also answer the phone in this fashion.

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