Samsung Omnia SGH i900 | New Samsung Smartphone

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Samsung Omnia SGH i900 | New Samsung Smartphone – Samsung Omnia SGH –i900 is a new entrant in this Windows Mobile Multimedia smartphone sector. Its notable features includes a 5 megapixel camera that is auto-focus, it has a built-in storage memory that has the capacity up to 16GB, a built-in GPS system, and an option that enables automatic screen rotation. With such a wide array of features, the people interested in this Windows Mobile are extremely excited about the device. The phone has a rather simple and it operates with a finger touch. The front part of the phone has a 3.2” WQVGA resolution which has a 240×400 display.

Samsung Omnia SGH i900

Samsung Omnia SGH i900

The character of the display is flash mounted, which entails that with a pants leg swipe, you can obtain a finger-print free screen. As you notice below the display area, you will get to notice that there are the ‘call send’ and the ‘end’ keys. The function of the directional controller is entrusted with the optical ‘mouse’ and it is an effective replacement of the conventional d-pad. The body of the Omnia is encased within a chrome rim finish which is of graphite color. It is claimed that even after repeated usage, its look remain unchanged. The sides of the device are built of semi-gloss plastic casing.

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