Paula Abdul quits American Idol

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Paula Abdul quits American Idol – Have you heard the latest news from the realm of entertainment and celebrity Gossip? Well, according to various news sources all around the internet, as well as Paula’s personal Twitter account. She has announced that she is no longer going to be a judge on American Idol when the new season starts up next January. For diehard Idol fans, this is devastating news because it breaks up the perfect Triumvirate that has been the lifeblood of the show ever since it’s inception. I cannot believe that she is actually going to be leaving the show.

Paula Abdul quits American Idol

Paula Abdul quits American Idol

When asked why she is leaving the show, she has no comment, but the show’s producers have confirmed the rumors. Depending on your point of view, this can either be a good or bad thing. There are many detractors who do not like Paula Abdul. They feel that she is loony, unpredictable, and drags down the show. However, on the other hand, there some who feel she brings a certain feeling to the show that is hard to copy by others. Whether or not it is going to be a good or bad move is yet to be seen in the ratings, but one thing is for sure. If Idol ratings start tanking come next January, they may just bring her back.

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