HTC Touch Pro

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HTC Touch Pro – HTC Touch Pro is also known as HTC Magic and the most appealing feature of this phone happens to be its sleek design and light in weight. From its previous version, the touch screen has undergone a great deal of improvement. The user would find the touch sensation similar to the iPhone or the Palm Pre. The features that you get as you tap on the phone are also a lot better. The interface of the phone is made of the Cupcake version of Andriod, which is totally new in the market.

HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Pro

The user can get his messages marked in his gmail account and with a bit of tweaking, he can effectively get them assigned under a label. He may also choose to delete them whenever he wishes. All these features are easily accessible and it can well be apprehended as a pleasurable experience for the user.

The device is encased within a plastic chassis and it is unibody in character. If you did not like the appearance of G1, its predecessor, you are sure to prefer this slim design with a user-friendly look. You can readily flip down the list of menus and the touch sensation makes it a great experience.

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