HTC Fuze | HTC Fuze Touchscreen Cell Phone

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HTC Fuze | HTC Fuze Touchscreen Cell Phone – The HTC Fuze comes with the Windows Mobile loaded within it and it also provides the feature of push e-mail capability apart from a host of multimedia features. There is a 3.2 mega-pixel camera too. There is the QWERTY keyboard along with a VGA touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, an integrated GPS system and HSDPA support. There is but one problem with the device; the user is not provided with a standard head-phone jack. Apparently, the smartphone may seem to be a bit massive, with regard to its weight. The built-in speaker phone is not of a particularly high order and the streaming video feature might well result in the stalling of the device. These can be cited as a few impediments for its high-end price tag.

HTC Fuze

HTC Fuze

Particularly the customers, who fall in the AT&T sector, are found to have high expectations from their smartphones. Under this requirement category, the HTC Fuze can be apprehended to be a winner due to the presence of a wide array of pleasant features, wonderful performance ability coupled with a hugely utilitarian design. This HTC manufactured phone has Opera software integrated within it and the capacity of its RAM is 288 MB and the storage capacity of the ROM is 512 MB.

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