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Clorox Coupons | Save $1.00 with Clorox Coupons – Clorox is one of those products that you should have around your house always. It has so many uses especially to do with cleaning and sanitizing. People have been using Clorox Bleach for many, many years and the company is always updating their existing products and introducing new ones to the market. There are such a variety of products that are manufactured by Clorox, some of which are kitchen cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, bathroom cleaners, mopping cleaners, disinfecting spray and regular bleach in addition to so many others. These indispensible household cleaners are great for cleaning and disinfecting every room in your house, as well as furniture and equipment, rendering a cleaner, healthier home.


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Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are excellent for quick clean-ups for teachers, moms, for students, for pet messes and also for the office. I think anywhere you come in contact with the public is a breeding area for germs. So I like to keep a package with me in my car to wipe down doorknobs, phone receivers, computer keyboard, toilet seats and other areas used by the public. With Clorox Wipes handy, you reduce the likelihood of catching colds and also lessen allergy symptoms. They’re great to take along when eating at some fast-food restaurants that are frequented by lots of kids. Even though the area may appear to be clean, it doesn’t hurt to use your wipes to clean the chairs and tables to prevent contamination – especially if your kid has a cold as well. Keep some handy with you at all times. When you use the coupon in the link below to purchase two Clorox products, you will save $1.00 and get some free wipes. That’s quite a deal.


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