Sony Ericsson W705 Cell Phone

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Sony Ericsson W705 Cell Phone

Sony Ericsson W705 Cell Phone

Sony Ericsson W705 Cell Phone review on The appearance of the Sony Ericsson W705 reveals how expensive it is. The outer casing of the cell phone sports a mixture of gold, silver and brown coatings. A considerable portion of the front side of the cell phone is made up of polished aluminum. Whereas the back of the phone features a plastic casing that gives a soft feeling when touched. It possesses a huge screen with a size of 2.4 inches.

Having been enabled with a memory card of 4 GB, this phone can load as much songs as a standard iPod nano does. The music menu is not as innate as that of an iPod, but it is certainly among the most popular ones found in non-Apple cell phones. It possesses proper functioning audio hardware and wide-ranging equalizer settings. If you are searching for the latest music-centric gadget, then this phone is a valuable purchase for you.

Just like all the other gadgets, it also has certain limitations. The Sony Ericsson W705 possesses neither a touch screen nor the GPS technology. But these drawbacks are compensated by its glamorous outlook and the Wi-Fi it possesses. This is the best ever walkman phone that Sony has launched. So if you have that extra buck in your pocket, then you may go ahead and experience the thrill offered by this cool gadget!

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