Sony Ericsson C510 Cell Phone

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Sony Ericsson C510 Cell Phone

Sony Ericsson C510 Cell Phone

Sony Ericsson C510 Cell Phone review on The C510 is the most affordable cell phone that has been introduced by Sony Ericsson to date. The cell phone poses a slim look, just like that of a candy bar. The most amazing fact about this is that, in spite of having kept the cost low, Sony Ericsson has not made any compromises with its looks. The front portion of the phone is occupied by a 2.2 inches display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

Although the screen looks sharp and bright, some compromises have been made with the key pad which appears to be quite overcrowded. The C510 features a cyber shot lens came that you get to see only when the cover at the back of the phone, slides down. As you get used to it, you can try out all the different shooting modes available in it.

Though the camera in the phone produces fine quality images, it suffers from the problem of shutter lag which may cause you to take hazy images of any moving object. Color contrasts produced by the camera are almost the same as that of the other camera phones with high resolution. Al these good qualities make this ultra-budget phone a must have.

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