HCL 7910 | HCL 7910 Notebook

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HCL 7910 Notebook – HCL 7910 is a note book that has been launched by HCL. The note book is based on VIA PN800 Chipset. The note book incorporates a processor from Intel Pentium. Ethernet and audio controller are the amazing features of this note book. Besides, three USB ports are provided with the net book.

Check out HCL's new notebook

Check out HCL's new notebook

Realtek ALC655, PCMCIA socket and VIA PN800 video controller are some of the important assets of this device. It is enabled with desktop effect. The device also integrates a video adapter. It has a storage capacity of 1024 MB as well as three USB ports. The processor within the note book is supported by DDR Memory. VIA adapter and hard drive are the other features of this note book. All these components are certified and can be exchanged with other such certified components.

The mother board is configured 1.0, and the bus adapter belongs to PCMCIA. The type of driver represents HBA and LAN. All of these premium quality inputs within the note book transforms into a desire that everybody wants to fulfill. This note book can be availed at an affordable price. So its high time that you look out for it. The note book is Linux based.

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