Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech

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Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech – At first, there is a certain thing about Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS that you must know. It has really very great price. But i make you sure it is really the worst GPS i have ever seen, even when coparing its $59.99 deal price to its specifications. Of course when you see the specifics first, you say it is at least as great as a Garmin or a TomTom’s GPS.Yes, that is true but the problem (according to my searches) about Omnitech is that it has a fabrication error absolutely.

Below you can see the specifications and pictures of Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech in details

For you to see and understand the specifics better, below you must also take a look at Good and Bad sides and Who must buy? parts.

If you have any questions or problems, we are always here to answer them.

Good Sides

  • This GPS’s most great thing is its 4.3inch TFT LCD Display which works in this GPS correctly.:)
  • It has also a very user friendly touch screen.
  • Text-to-speech announces directions and street names correctly

Bad Sides

As i say you above, this GPS has great specifics but, unfortunately it has a big error, after one or two days you buy it, you will see how it won’t work. If you want to know which problems it has:

  • It freezes up momently
  • its connecting to a sattelite lasts nearly ten minutes
  • The screen goes black in every 4-5 minutes
  • It has also a very slow software

Who must Buy?

  • Everyone who wants to regret can buy this GPS recklessly.:)

As last word, if you ask to me, i recommend you to buy a better GPS from Garmin Nuvi or TomTom just giving $10-15 more. Of course, the choice is yours!

Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech


  • Easy to use – large icons with bright screen display
  • 4.3inch TFT LCD
  • User friendly touchscreen
  • Text-to-speech announces directions and street names
  • One-touch QuickNav button, program in the address to your home or office. Then tap the home button to automatically have it route to that address from where ever you are
  • Dual processors calculate routes fast, especially alternate routes
  • 2d, 3d, day or night views available
  • Multilingual voice prompts in English, French, and Spanish
  • 1.5 million point of intrest
  • Preloaded Navteq maps of the 48 United States stored on a 1GB SD card
  • 1.5 million points of interest pre loaded

In the Box, you will have

  • Omnitech 16878-US GPS
  • Universal Suction Mount
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • 1GB SD Card
  • Users Manual on CD
  • Quick Start Guide

Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech


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14 Comments on “Omnitech 4.3” Portable GPS with Text to Speech”

    23 March, 2009, 22:14

    I have this gps and it works great many of my friends have this unit also with no problem….some with unit freezing up have been resolved by changing the software…cause like you mention since the specs are good take advantage of them. these unit use window core 5.0 that means that they are compatible to these mobile software.these unit can be installed with more option that the gartmin 255w can ever handle due to is linux software thanks

  • forsaken
    2 April, 2009, 5:34

    You are the worst reviewer I have ever heard in my life, please learn what you are talking about. This is one of the easiest GPS’s to mod, and I already have loaded igo 8.3.2 on this which makes it superb. You lie like a rug, it takes 15 seconds to find the signal, it never locked up on me once, it runs igo 8.3.2 flawlessly (slow huh? You liar) and it never blanks out like you claim. please shut your mouth and stop spreading lies about decent products.

    Anyone who listens to anything you have to say is an idiot, as you obviously have no idea what you are talking about..

  • rocky
    27 May, 2009, 23:43

    Boo this man!

  • laurie
    2 June, 2009, 9:09

    I agree with the reviewer. I have had this unit less than two months and it locks up constantly. I used it this weekend and it is still locked up. Thank god I printed directions from Google so I could get home because I had a feeling it would lock up. Each time I’ve used it, it will get you there but it locks up so long I’ve never been able to use it to get back home. This unit stinks!!!

  • smoffitt
    2 June, 2009, 13:48

    I have this GPS and it has locked up on me and I can not get it unlocked. i have tried everything. I even tried taking it back to Staples and they won’t even touch it. You have to go thru the manufacturer..blah blah blah. I am done with this – it is a piece of crap. After having Lowrance and it being stolen, yeah, this is junk!! It is true – you get what you pay for.

  • jennifer
    7 June, 2009, 9:34

    I don’t know about the other commenters experiance, however I purchased one of these units and it is CRAP! I used it twice before it froze and continually freezes even when reseting. Buyer beware….sometimes you get what you pay for. I wasted the money on this piece of crap, instead of just purchasing a well reviewed gps. Additionally I do have to say that insulting the reviewer of this device, whom is correct, is juvenile and unnecessary.

  • Eddie
    15 June, 2009, 23:02

    I have this gps and it worked great for about 4 months but is starting to lock up now and not connecting to a sattelite at all most of the time. I don’t understand why one day it just started to fail. I think i’m going to mod the software as was mentioned earlier. Thanks for the info.

  • David Norton
    16 June, 2009, 11:41

    Worked 5 minutes and lost signal. It would never connect to satelite again. Waited 3 hours lol, tried everything it is done. just gonna take the hit and get me a Garmin.

  • Ronald
    16 June, 2009, 22:33

    We had the same bad experience with this device. It constantly kept freezing up, and at this point, it will not even find a GPS signal. It is a load of junk and will go straight back to STAPLES.

  • Sasha
    4 July, 2009, 17:15

    I have the same problem with my unit freezing up, someone mentioned that replacing or adding new software would fix it, could someone tell me what that software is?

  • Kendo
    8 July, 2009, 15:27

    I just bought one and after two days, it froze up on me. I have not been able to unlock it.

    10 July, 2009, 9:06


  • Dawn Lowery
    28 July, 2009, 11:03

    The reviewer is correct-this unit is JUNK! I have had it since Christmas (taken good care of it) but it freezes up and won’t hardly unlock. Mine started one day having 3 lines thru the screen now there are 6! Staples won’t stand behind the product and I’m getting ready to contact the manufacturer to try and get these issues resolved…Save your money or you will be disappointed!

  • chaz
    28 August, 2009, 20:36

    I’ve had it a couple months or less and it always locks up once you get to the “go map settings” screen. You press one of these buttons and you hear the click but it freezes up and won’t do anything. It happened when it was in a hot car but I hit reset and it worked. The next time it just froze and now won’t work past the “go map settings” screen no matter what. If staples knew this was a piece, then why sell it? Why not send it back to the manufacturer. Bad customer service, bad product, disappointed customer…

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