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Nadya Suleman Picture – We have wrote about Nadya Suleman before here and here . She became very famous around the America with her octuplets. She has total of 14 children which means that she is crazy. Some of people from United States think Nadya Suleman wants to spread Islam in America giving birth to multiple babies. Although the number of muslims in America is increasing day by day, giving birth to 8 kids will really affect this number considering their wives and kids, i’m sure as a muslim Nadya’s each kid will give birth to 4 muslim there will be total of 56 ( 4 x 14 ) muslims only in Nadya’s family. In addition to this Nadya will have 14 brides and it makes 70.  Its really great number for just one family.

Anyway guys here you can check pictures.

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35 Comments on “Nadya Suleman Pictures”

  • Dirk
    6 February, 2009, 7:30

    I haven’t read a single word, other than on your site, that explains the disdain people have with Suleman because of her Muslim roots. It’s all about ethics (having a total lot of 14 children) and the lack of stability this woman provides for her children. I don’t know of any single mothers who’ve had this many children. Most single mothers with a low income have trouble with just one. My concern lies with the children. They had no say in how they were brought into this world but they are the ones who must deal with surviving in it with such few means.

  • Zen Bonobo
    6 February, 2009, 18:24

    How are the actions of Nadya Suleman different than the actions of a corporate entity that is scamming the system?

    What is the religious affiliation of the medical professional that created the opportunity for the multiple birth?

  • Rebag
    6 February, 2009, 21:39

    Nadya is Christian!

  • Goyo in Texas
    6 February, 2009, 21:41




  • 6 February, 2009, 23:08

    She is of Iraqi descent, yes. But she is a Assyrian Christian, which make up about 3% of Iraq’s population today [prior to the US invasion, and subsequent Muslim Jihads there, they made up 7%]

  • joe
    7 February, 2009, 11:02

    she may be nominally a christian but likely this is just a cover to be accepted in the US. why else would she have so many kids if she didnt plan for them to become jihadis against America one day?

  • Me
    7 February, 2009, 12:10

    To Goyo. Yes she can have as many she wants, it’s just the little thing that most likely she’s gonna live on money from government (means MY TAX MONEY). Do I wanna pay for that? I have two of my own that I need to support and sent to college. And I don’t wanna pay for somebody’s else.

  • Ady
    11 February, 2009, 4:21

    Nadia is not looking for a good future for 14 children, she is more into how famous she could get by having so many kids, please don’t be so selfish. you know it is hard to take care of 2 never mind 14, we the people the work are paying for all your expenses, because I am sure you did not paid for any of these, or you are trying to get the public attention, you want to be a Angelie never you just made a big mistake I hope you see your own mistake even your mom feels that is so crazy to have all these kids, you need to seek mental health, it is impossible that you at your age wants to have so many kids, the government is already paying for it, us the taxes payers are paying for your action of having so many kids,.

  • sophie
    11 February, 2009, 23:38

    I don’t really care what her religion is. I am concerned that as a taxpayer, I am paying for her selfishness (she wants a lot of children). Now a few facts come to live: Three of her first six kids are on disability – government is paying her $600/per kid. That’s $1800/month. Now that it’s revealed that she gets that money, she said that it’s temporary!!! How convenient!! At first she said that she doesn’t get help from the government, but then she is getting foodstamps too… Kaiser is filing for the bills to be paid by the government. The fee for each babies in the hospital is at least $1000/DAY!!! There are studies regarding multiple and premature babies – there is a high tendencies for them to have health problems and lifelong learning disabilities… She doesn’t care about our tax money as well as the well being of her kids. She just want more money from the government – hey – if she filed disabilities on those 8 kids, that would be 8*$600 = $4800 per month (in addition to the $1800 that she is now getting from her first three kids)!!!! What a piece of selfish trash!!!!

  • Jason
    12 February, 2009, 5:25

    Wow! You must be upset now that it’s well known that it was her deeply held CHRISTIAN beliefs that made her keep all 8 kids alive so that you can pay for them. I think this might be as aggravating as it is to find out that she is half-Lithuanian, which ruins your probable stereotypes of welfare mothers.

    Have a great day!

  • Me
    12 February, 2009, 19:40

    Once again (now for Jason). She can be a Zeus believer as much as I care. And there’s a wide range of people on Welfare (been there ). The point is that she’s gonna use OUR TAX money to raise those 14!!! children. Can you afford let’s say 6 of your own? She just abuse the system. And I would held Kaiser accountable for this too.

  • Wow
    12 February, 2009, 22:58

    you all are missing the point. People are upset becuase she is unwed, is bankrupt, lives with her parents and had 6 children to begin with whom she could not support….she is not a muslim by the way, she just has arabic ancestry……This woman, i mean girl, is mentally unstable. She has no job and burdened her mother and father with caring for her first 6 children.

    The reason why many others are upset, is becuase there tax dollars will be taken to pay for this lady’s kids whom she couldnt afford to care for herself. Where as that money could be used to support a family who made the RESPONSIBLE decisions and still need help. You ppl are crazy, just as crazy as her.

  • Me
    13 February, 2009, 2:12

    To:Wow Exactly my point :)

  • Don
    13 February, 2009, 6:40

    You Go Girl !!!!! Screw the dumb american public. They are way too stupid to not pay you the huge sum of money you deserve. Look, only in american can you do it so you go girl and keep having more babies and you know what the dumb american public won’t do anything other than keep paying you. Besides they are too lazy to have children so you might as well have as many as your little heart deserves. Hope you have even more kids and remember the more you have the more the government gives you. Can I marry you?

  • Samantha
    14 February, 2009, 8:12

    Nadya Suleman is Assyrian by nationality and Christian by religion. For the record there is no such thing as a muslim Asssyrian, they’re all either orthodox or catholic since their originating country of Iraq. FYI


  • 15 February, 2009, 18:06

    Nadya Suleman is Assyrian you dumb f**ks, research before you say things on the internet. Assyrians are Catholic christians they are found in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Assyrians are one of the oldest christian communities in the world. She is NOT a muslim just because her name sounds Muslim doesnt mean she is a MUSLIM. Every One in the Middle East have Arabic names like hers even Atheists. And like the comment posted before there are no Muslim Assyrians for the official record. g

  • Francine
    16 February, 2009, 23:56

    Sorry but my feelings toward this women is that there is something in her head that is not clicking. First of all, these children were conceived by vitro, which is not a natural way that God intended that children come in to this world. Second, she already has 6 children with 3 that have autisms which when they get older this disability just get worse and very expensive because often parent cannot cope, it gets to be to much for them and usually they put them in a home. Thirdly, yes I think that the question of money is involved in this and how can a person with back injuries even think of having children. She says she wants to go back to school in the fall, anyone in their rightful mind would realize that this is impossible of raising 14 kids and studying. And yes, I find her very selfish and disconnect from reality. Years ago, I wanted a child and when I was 4 months pregnant I found out that the baby would not live that she had no spinal cord in her neck and at 8 months I gave to my little girl and the risk was that if I had try for another one the baby would might be borned with spinal bifida which means that he/she would have been in a wheel chair for the rest of her/his life. So after this experience I did not want to take the chance of giving birth and I think it would of been very selfish on my part to bring a child into this world under that condition, so I decided to get an operation not to get pregnant again and I never regret it. I find it very, very sad for those children for I do not think they will have all the love and care that they should have. Hope angels will guide them and protect them.

  • m m
    17 February, 2009, 21:18

    This psyco c*nt is nuts. Her actions prove she dose not have a grasp on reallity and should not be trusted with the upbringing of these poor kids. So many mouths to feed. World population goes up over 1,000,000 every three days ! Do the math. WERE ALL DOOMED, AND THIS IS A REALITY NO ONE SEEMS TO SEE.

  • mr moo
    18 February, 2009, 9:00

    response to me and others with similar statements: “Do I wanna pay for that? I have two of my own that I need to support and sent to college. And I don’t wanna pay for somebody’s else.”

    i hate hearing all this talk about tax payers money. you are not paying for her kids, you are not losing any amount of money that you would have used on kids. There are lots of people paying taxes, the money she would get is divided amongst all of us which would mean each person is paying under 1 penny!! We could do the calculation but I am sure its not even half a penny!!! so relax she has nothing to do with preventing you from spending on your kids. idiots.

    Response to barf “no Muslim Assyrians for the official record.”

    really? Assyrian is a nationality or race. you REALLY think that not a single Assyrian in the thousands of years that have gone by has converted to become muslim? and their offspring, being Assyrian and now muslim multiplying? thats a very very very stupid thing to say. You dont have to be christian to be Assyrian. Thats like saying you have to be muslim to be Iraqi, which isnt the case. smarten up people!

    Response to sophie “$4800 per month” and “selfish”

    What are you saying? that she will get 4800 a month and use it on herslef? maybe finance a car or a house. You are stupid. The government calculates how much it will take to raise a child. You stated 600. It doesnt matter how many children she has and how much the sum will be, it will be going into raising the child. Food, clothes, school, extra curricular activities, day care, other personal items, all costs money. she is not going to use the 4800 on herself she has to use it on the kids.

  • Lo
    19 February, 2009, 0:56

    Most people in other countries have 14 is not unheard of. Give it a rest people.. Your tax money had gone to a failed war for the last 5 might as well go to other causes that have nothing to do with the benefit of the US.. It’s the world we live in.

  • aminaa
    21 February, 2009, 4:15

    please stop connecting everything to islam. all it does it show your immaturity.. why can’t people get over the fact that being a muslim does not make you a bad person. islam is peace.

  • aminaa
    21 February, 2009, 4:19

    and yeah, does anyone ever care that their tax money is being used to kill thousands of Palestinians? so many innocent children are being killed on account of YOUR MONEY , ever give a crap about that?

  • zeropopordie
    22 February, 2009, 9:55

    This is the kind of behvior that is destroying the world. First of all, it will take 2 1/2 million taxpayer dollars to give those kids the basics, not even considering anything extra like sports. I know a lady who has 3 kids and she gets over $1,000 for them and she also gets housing, and food stamps and medical and the money is not taxable, so for 14 kids, think about how much she will drain from our overdrawn system. Secondly, we have global warming, because of cutting down trees, clearing land, and drying out the earth by sucking down the water table and lakes, not just because of cars. It’s past time for zero population growth. Just think how many more cars and people that fucking bitch will put into the world. She’s just another third world breeder, incapable of the big picture, not a team player. She and all women like her just be sterilized after the second kid.

  • Beverly
    24 February, 2009, 19:45

    I think it is selfish, and I really think that this woman needs help. Those poor babies do not stand a chance. I think that they acturally should be taken away from her. When you try to adopt, there are such strict rules to go by, but this woman is allowed to bring all these children into the world with no place to live and get medical attention for those children who need it. I also think that there has to be somethiiing wrong with the doctor to have allowed this to happen. If given money, she will just spend it on herself, getting plastic surgery,having her nails done, etc. I could not help see the look on Ann Curry’s face. It was disbelief.. I just think the whole thing is so sad.

  • Not Muslim
    25 February, 2009, 1:05

    She is Jew, it is appearent from her baby’s names … and her father is an Iraqi Jew. SHE IS NOT MUSLIM.

  • nyma
    25 February, 2009, 2:32

    to mr moo, what the others are saying is that assyrians are NOT born muslim…………there are the few that convert but not born so calm down… assyrian i know

  • Virginia
    26 February, 2009, 20:13

    I believe that people are blowing this whole thing way out of proportion. Nadia is free to live as she chooses, that’s why it’s called a “free country”! No one has the right to criticize her as a parent. Has she ever been in the news prior to this for abuse or neglect? No! There for we haven’t the right to assume that she is “an unfit parent”. As to her Infertility treatments, it’s really none of our business. Has anyone ever thought to criticize the Dugger family? They have 18 children, granted they are both real-estate agents, but no one has ever made any bad comments about that family. Or even judged them. Nadia, in my opinion is a very brave woman, to want to bring these children into the world. No one could love them more than their mother or siblings. I only have two children, but if I were to have a large brood to care for, I would do it with a smile and do whatever it took! She may not seem to have a plan, but it’s like she keeps saying “one day at a time”, not everyone is anal enough to plan everyday of their life. Some people like to have a few surprises in life. The controversy following this story is absurd, in my opinion, as none of these reporters know her personally and as always turn her every comment into something she didn’t intend to say or meant too.

    I am happy for Nadia! Congratulations on your new family members and just do your best!

  • carla
    10 March, 2009, 14:39

    she has beautiful full lips and my hubby wants her to wrap them around his cock,and Iwant to suck on her fat lips down below, she is gorgeous.

  • 26 March, 2009, 23:06

    I love her boobs.

  • Watcher
    31 March, 2009, 21:31

    There are too many people on this earth. Ruining it at a faster rate than borer beetle eats a wooden house.
    How stupid do you have to be to have even ONE child under these environmentally stressed conditions?

    Well, multiply that by 14x. NS is therefore 14 times stupider than the average non-breeder and 14 times less considerate than the average non-breeder is – of this beautiful world we are exploiting at an enormous rate of knots…

    Humans are the worst, most destructive plague the earth has ever encountered – and they KEEP BREEDING. Duh!

    And they call themselves intelligent. It is too funny to even laugh.

  • Michelle
    15 April, 2009, 18:35

    The person who said that Islam is a peaceful religion is full of it. Here’s a list of “peace” tactics performed by Muslims.

    As for Nadya, she is a Christian. I disagree with her decisions greatly, but at least she’s going to school and has an education. I suspect that even if she doesn’t finish school, she’ll be able to support her children. She will write a book and have her own TV show before you know it. Inquiring minds want to know…and I’d rather “support” her by watching her show than by giving her my tax money.

  • Blessings
    28 April, 2009, 2:55

    The Saints are in the house

  • aidomuah
    26 July, 2009, 11:07

    thank God she aint a Muslim…hehehehe…because she will give us Muslims a bad name…anyway my thoughts about this are that she should make better choices from now on if she really loves her children. As a mother myself, i personally think that she does love and care for her kids…the only thing is love would probably be enough for her to survive raising 14 kids with only her old parents to support her both financially and we all should support her by not making it a bit fuss over tax-money that she would be receiving. I mean if the money didnt go to her,it will probably go to other government’s expenditure that would be of no use to Americans either. so dont u think her kids would need it more than we do?come on man be humane. its not like these people who are complaining are helping the poor themselves right?just show your support…it will do you good more than bad.

  • ahmed (saudi Arabia)
    12 August, 2009, 8:14

    i wonder if she is maried, do not tell me all of those sibllings are fatherless


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