Hospital may not release Octa-Mom’s 8 newborn babies

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Nadya Suleman had made history, when she gave birth to 8 kids at a time, in January this year, after undergoing IVF. She has again come into the news recently. In a recent interview given to the talk show host Phil McGraw, Nadya has expressed her fears that her Octuplets may not be released from the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, California. According to Phil McGraw, the host of the Dr. Phil show, Nadya was skeptical about the future of her eight children.


According to Nadya, the hospital is not prepared to release the children as she does not have a proper home to live. Nadya already have 6 children and they stay with her mother. But the house of Nadya’s mother is on the verge of being auctioned in May this year. Nadya’s mother has fallen short by thousands of dollars in her mortgage payments. Nadya, her mother and 6 of her children lived in the three bedroom house and had no source of income. They relied solely on the government aid that they received. Now, it is to be seen what lies in store for the future of the eight new born babies. As of now, their prospect seems totally insecure, as there is no job for their mother and even their home is going under the hammer soon

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