Samsung Bordeaux 850 LCD TV

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Samsung Bordeaux 850 LCD TV – Samsung , Korea’s one of the biggest electronic stuff producer has released the slimmest Bordeaux 850, it looks really slim and amazing. Below i will introduce you Bordeaux 850.

Bordeaux 850 is 6.5 milimeters or 0.26 inches, this ultra slim LCD tv will be displayed at 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11. I couldn’t find any information about Bordeaux 850’s resolution but i’m pretty sure Bordeaux 850 is High Definition liquid crystal display television.

Belo you can check Bordeaux 850 and see how slim is Bordeaux 850 with your eyes. Enjoy Samsung’s new LCD tv Bordeaux 850.

Samsung Bordeaux 850 LCD TV


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  • 28 July, 2009, 17:34

    Just the information I was looking for to supplement my site about tv wall mounts and brackets. Do you mind if I link to this page from my website?

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