HP Mini 1010n Laptop Computer Review

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HP Mini 1010n Laptop Computer Review – There is a deal at staples.com that you can buy HP Mini 1010n Laptop 299.98 dollars. HP Mini 1010n Laptop has Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 processor that has 512 megabytes memory and 8 gigabytes hard disk. The screen of  HP Mini 1010n Laptop is 8.9″ Diagonal WSVGA(8) BrightView Widescreen Display. HP Mini 1010n Laptop has wireless internet connection but does not have any cd or dvd readers. In addition to this it has a mini web camera and HP Mini 1010n Laptop comes with Windows XP home edition with service pack 3.

HP Mini 1010n Laptop has a one year warranty. Below you can picture of HP Mini 1010n Laptop.

HP Mini 1010n Laptop Picture


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2 Comments on “HP Mini 1010n Laptop Computer Review”

  • 19 February, 2009, 14:34

    Cool notebook.

  • Alexis
    17 July, 2009, 18:59

    That notebook is way too slow and does not satisfy me at all. I would much rather go on a beaten up old pc.

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