How to see Saved Passwords in Internet Explorer

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We often save our usernames and passwords in browsers. It helps us in next log-ins and hence saves our time.

Save Password
Popular browser Firefox has built-in option to see the saved password. To see the saved password in Firefox Go to Tools > Options and move to Security tab. But, Internet Explorer doesn’t have such option.

So, we need a cool application IE PassView from NirSoft. Just Download the application, Unzip and run the IE Passview and you can see all the saved passwords in Internet Explorer. :)

A very cool feature of IE PassView is that you can also read the passwords from an external profile in your current operating system or from another external drive (e.g. :- a USB Drive) as it doesn’t require any installation.

The IE PassView is very light tool (less than 50KB – Zip) and can be downloaded from here.


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2 Comments on “How to see Saved Passwords in Internet Explorer”

  • amir khan
    10 February, 2010, 2:57

    its goooooooooooooood

  • omid
    24 July, 2010, 7:15

    how can i access the source?

    i want to do this work in my own program.i will be appreciated if you help me.
    thanks for it 😉

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