Joystick-controlled New Mercedes-Benz SCL600 or F200

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This is the new car by Mercedes-Benz. It is really wonderful, but this photo doesn’t show the difference from other new cars.

The main difference is that this car has no steering wheel, no pedals, either. So, how is it driven? As you can see there is a joystick. You can control the by using this joystick, like playign computer games. I think children will eager to drive this automobile. Maybe we should let them drive it, as they are usually better at computer games than adults:)
One small note: You can’t buy and use this car. It is only for showing how technological improvements could come up new opportunities for car manufacturers and the clients, of course.

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3 Comments on “Joystick-controlled New Mercedes-Benz SCL600 or F200”

  • deebee
    14 January, 2009, 20:05

    This car is hardly “new”. The photographs of the Mercedes-Benz SCL600 were actually taken over 10 years ago at the Paris Motor Show in 1996. It was actually a concept car of Daimler-Chrysler’s F200, produced by the Mercedes-Benz design team. The car never made it into production (obviously), but some of the elements have been tested in other models by Daimler-Chrysler.

    More information about this car’s origin can be found on Snopes:

  • 22 December, 2009, 0:36

    I wish I could get it this Crismas

  • kalpesh
    29 March, 2010, 18:54

    I wish I could get it this diwali

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