Pligg : An Open Source Social Bookmarking Script

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I found a great open source script for web enterpreneurs with which you can create Digg,Reddit like sites. It has cool looking templates and totally works like other bookmarking sites which means that you can create your own social bookmarking website with a hosting and a cool domain domain name. I know that there are a lot like this but don’t worry i got great tips for those who wants to make money online but before i will introduce you Pligg.



Pligg Official Web Page

Pligg Official Demo Page

I don’t want to talk more about Pligg since everything has already been told on Pligg’s official webpage and i just wanted you to become aware of this freebie script.


If you’re planning to create a social bookmarking do not make it general chose a random topic like funny pictures or videos and allow your users to put only picture related posts & links.Additional to these categories you can think about beautiful woman of the day , blogger or wordpress templates or recipes.

Promoting Your Site

Instead of paying money to advertising try to promote your site on websites related to your category with banner or link exchange and do introduce your website on webmaster forums.As you make money online you can spend it to get bigger.

Monetizing Your Site

I advise you to prefer image ads from Google. Chitika and other ads will not suit our site.Also you can try selling banners.

Domain Name

This is a social bookmarking site so you should pick up a domain name which can be remembered easily like digg and mixx,but you cannot find a 4letters domain use your logic and register a rememberable domain name.


Basic plans are good for beginning as you grow you can upgrade your hosting plan.

If you’re not  native english speaker,you better make your site in your mother language since its hard to make money online with english websites as we all know there are billions of english sites which are our rivalries.Good luck wih your website!

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  • 16 October, 2008, 14:07

    oh that’s nice.. will have a look at the links you provided

  • 29 November, 2008, 9:09

    Hello all,

    My Site uses Pligg Beta 9 Script. How do I change the homepage title to “ / Latest Published News” instead of the default “Pligg Beta 9 / Published News”

    Please help…


  • 24 December, 2009, 2:08

    Thanks for the nice post..
    Please keep it update…

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