Trues and Falses About Alexa

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There are tons of rumors Alexa on internet , some of them are true but most of them are false , today i want to share trues and falses about Alexa , with the help of this article it will be easy for you to increase your Alexa rank. As we all know Alexa is one of most important criteria for advertisers , because before advertising on your blog , they will check your Alexa rank to have an idea about your traffic , now let me help you know more about’s ranking company..Alexa:


  • Giving link to Alexa will increase your rank..lie!
  • Putting A blog’s Alexa rank widget to B blog which gets a lot of traffic will increase A blog’s rank..funny.
  • Writing about Alexa increases your
  • Downloading Alexa toolbar and continuously browsing your blog increases your rank..Alexa is not that stupid.
  • Repeatedly searching your blog on increases your rank.. ha-ha-ha
  • Downloading Alexa toolbar and browsing your own blog with proxy sites affect your Alexa rank..No. Like Google, Alexa can understand if IP is proxified or not.


  • Alexa rank depends on your blog traffic , pageviews and amount of time your visitors stay on your blog..absolutely true!
  • Alexa ranking is inconsistent .. awful truth!
  • Regularly updating your blog increases your Alexa rank.. true!
  • The links on social bookmarking sites affect your rank.. true!
  • Alexa Redirect Plugin helps you increase your alexa rank.. yes!
  • Alexa AutoSurf increases your rank.. true! but not legal for Adsense publishers.
  • Putting Alexa rank widget to your blog increases your rank.. yes,if your rank is above 100k , if its under 100k it wont change anything, plus this depends on your traffic..
  • Posting my blog’s link to asian forums and blogs..yes its said that most asians use Alexa toolbar and its reason why there are a lot of asian sites on global top 500 list although internet is much popular in United States and Europe.

Alexa Related Sites

  • AlexaReport :A site that shows your Alexa details and future Alexa rank.
  • Alexafight : Make your sites fight with this tool , it compared two sites with a funny Flash animation

These are all i know about Alexa , if you have more tips or cool Alexa related web sites you can share them with us commenting below. For a better gosublogger please subscribe my feeds. Thanks

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  • 23 September, 2008, 17:18

    good information..thank you for sharing..

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    Very nice article Onur! I’ve been waiting for an Alexa101 just like this. Very cool! Thanks.

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    :) thanks Gosu but I don’t think that those things are available for Blogger users…but good post thanks a lot :)

  • 25 September, 2008, 21:36

    Nicely elaborated true or false for Alexa ranking. It will help blogger now to avoid such mistakes.

  • 26 September, 2008, 18:23

    Nice article bro.. thanks for sharing..

  • 26 September, 2008, 23:40

    I have been using Alexa to support my articles claims and i think it is a good thing that Alexa ranks by country.

    Anyway, good article bro.

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    oh wow thats really good. .thanks

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