Template Suggestions For Sunday

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Hey guys , as most of you know its Ramadhan and we muslims fast in this month , thats why i cannot update GosuBlogger frequently, being hungry from morning to evening makes you have headache , after ramadhan Gosublogger will be more update.

By the way , i started to work with Jackbook.com i know most of you  know him , we write about “sexy-news” lol , anyway , its good to work with Jack. Collaborating brings money 😉

I’m hiring, i need a capable 2 person who are eager to be author on Gosublogger , if you are interested in SEO , Design ,Technology and Make Money Online topics , i will be waiting for your appliances , to apply please mail me [goasou {at} gmail.com ] giving URL of your current blog . Lets make GosuBlogger next generation’s Mashable.com :) , i want active writers please. We will earn using Adsense Revenue Sharing widget for WordPress

Oh ! Somebody to stop me :p , now this paragraph is about the title lol , if you guys have blogger template suggestions , please let me know posting its download link and demo to THIS TOPIC. I promise this time i will try to convert the one most of you want .

Thanks folks!

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