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Finally i moved to WordPress , it was hard for me to install WordPress till the moment i see quick install tab on Godaddy , at first sight i loved WordPress , it has a stylish text editor which makes me write more  , also there are tons of plug-ins which makes your WordPress more useful . I installed some SEO plugins and a Adsense plug in which lets you put Adsense ads wherever you want.

But there was also something bad for me , all the links on Google doesnt work anymore :(  i will submit new URLs to Google via sitemap file , hope it works .

I think it will be long night for me , i have to solve the way WordPress works and i must edit my template , and other SEO things uhh ..!

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14 Comments on “GosuBlogger on WordPress”

  • 29 August, 2008, 22:47

    Great news dude! But how did you import your posts from blogger?

  • 29 August, 2008, 22:57

    Even I’m planning to make 2/3 blogs on wordpress. Which hosting plan should I go for on godaddy?

  • admin
    30 August, 2008, 0:21

    i’ll write about it soon :)

  • 30 August, 2008, 6:42

    wow, great news. anyway, did you host with godaddy? i heard it was… sux?

  • admin
    30 August, 2008, 7:09

    no , its great :) im satisfied..

  • Edu
    31 August, 2008, 15:30

    Good work gosu, I’m trying to create courage to change my blog too, but I am afraid of doing something wrong and lose visits

  • admin
    31 August, 2008, 15:33

    well , sometimes we need to take risks =)

  • 1 September, 2008, 21:15

    Do you want to change your title be ‘WordPress Templates and Make Money Online Master’, Onur? :-)

  • admin
    2 September, 2008, 1:23

    noo 😀 but im thinking to change it :)

  • 2 September, 2008, 7:17

    Gosu! I love this template :) nice ….

  • admin
    2 September, 2008, 7:52

    thanks mate =D

  • 6 September, 2008, 6:58

    merhaba ya ben de wordpresse geçiş yapacam da dreamhost tavsiye ettiler.almak istedim godaddyde kayıtlı domainimi taşımam için transfer kodunu nerde bulacam.yardımcı olursan sevinirim.
    wordpresse geçmekle iyi etmişsin hayırlı olsun…

  • admin
    6 September, 2008, 11:37

    ben godaddyde kullandm dreamhost pahalı ya 😀 , walla ben name.com dan transfer ettim godaddyden hiç çakmıyorm 4 saatte wp kurdm :)

  • 16 September, 2008, 3:10

    You won’t regret it! Once you go WordPress, you’ll forget the rest! :)

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