Create FaceBook Badges For Your Blogger Profile.

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Gosu's Facebook profileToday , for better profile widget we will use Facebook Badges which look quite professional and stylish and more flexible when compared to default Blogger profile widget.  With this badge you can show  your :

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Name
  3. E-mail
  4. Status updates ( can be alternative for Twitter )
  5. Web sites

and a few other things , now let me show you how to create badge on Facebook and add badge to Blogger.

  • Click here and go , Facebook Badge page
  • Now chose your layout depending on the place you will add this Facebook Badge.
  • If you are planning to show Facebook Badge on your sidebar chose javascript as format.
  • If you are planning to show Facebook badge in your posts , chose image format.
  • Chose the items you want to show .
  • Click save and get code.

For sidebars:

Go to your layout and click Add a Gadget and chose HTML / JavaScript , now copy your Facebook Badge javascript code to here.

For posts : 

You must chose image format to add your Facebook badge to your posts , copy your image code directly to your posts.

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4 Comments on “Create FaceBook Badges For Your Blogger Profile.”

  • Steve
    28 October, 2008, 21:21

    tried pasting the full js string into my sidebar as a gadget but blogger reports that it has an error and won’t accept it. any suggestions? thanks.

  • 10 May, 2009, 9:13

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  • 10 March, 2010, 5:59

    Thank u For Providing Us Infomation…!!!

  • 13 March, 2010, 2:46

    Thanks for sharing to me, its important to my blog….

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