Show FaceBook Profile Picture Of Your Visitors On Your Blog

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Lets shock your visitors showing his/her Facebook profile picture and status on your blog , if you’re logged in your Facebook now or you checked “Remember Me” box while logging whether you’re on facebook now or not you will see the facebook picture of yourself below


If you cannot see any picture above that means you haven’t logged in or checked Remember Me box while logging in. When i saw this trick first i told site administrator to delete my picture lmao! Then he explained the trick.

You can prank your visitors and shock them with this facebook hack , all you need is to use the code below on your blogs :

<img src=”;items%5B%5D=badge_profile_pic&amp;items%5B%5D=badge_mobile_status&amp;layout=vert&amp;format=png” />

As you see its a simple image code , you can use it anywhere on your blog ! Its time to prank your friends lol

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10 Comments on “Show FaceBook Profile Picture Of Your Visitors On Your Blog”

  • Linda
    28 July, 2008, 23:03

    OMG! I was shocked when I saw my facebook photos on this posting.
    Good one. But I can’t see the whole code. Mind if you post the code again here? :)

  • City Hunter
    29 July, 2008, 0:06

    Woah, nice one. When I saw my picture this I was like WTF? I recently stumbled upon your blog because I was searching to blog templates. You have a very nice blog.

  • Chica
    29 July, 2008, 0:57

    you got me on that one! LOL I’m so using this! thanks. 😀

  • Gosu
    29 July, 2008, 7:31

    hehe ty ladies & gents =P

    linda you might find codes too short , but thats all :)

  • NekoHime
    29 July, 2008, 15:07

    Ok… it freaked me out a bit LOL

  • Gosu
    29 July, 2008, 21:16

    lol =D

  • Gosu
    5 August, 2008, 10:22

    lol they fixed this bug =D

    19 August, 2008, 22:28

    Hi, Please let me know how to show orkut visitors on blog.


  • Mary
    23 February, 2009, 0:35

    hey, that is cool, i tried it out but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.. can you fix that or was there an error with the link??? help!!!

  • 25 May, 2010, 0:14

    Hey This is important info, am into all this… cool sh!t boy

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