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Minimise me is MSN’s new service that lets you create your own emoticons and display pictures. MSN’s this platform gives you the chance of making your own chracter and editing your chracter’s head , eye , eyebrow , mouth , hair , hat , beard and accessories you can create totally a unique chracter or one that looks like you , here’s the one i created which looks a bit to me with its dark hairs , dark eyebrows , beards , dark eyes . But i do not wear eyeglass and hat lol. Check it :

If you want to create your own emoticons and display pictures , click here to check MSN Minimise Me ‘ s website and create yours. No registeration needed. I will be glad if you give me the chance of seeing yours :)

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  • Anonymous
    27 July, 2008, 3:43

    i’d rather use my real photo as an emoticon, you can make it with this program for emoticons.

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