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How many times do you search web via search engines ? Before i wrote this post i thought about it and frankly i could not count the times i search . Would you want to monetize your searches on Web ? Eh I hear the voices saying “Yeaa” 😛 . Scour gives you the chance of monetizing your searches on web …

How Does This System Work ?

Its simpler than you think , Scour fetches search results from Google , Yahoo and Live , so searching on Google or Scour brings you same search results but the difference is that Scour pays you.For further information about how it works you can check its DEMO .

When Do I Get Paid and How ?

You will get paid $25 when you collect 6.500 points , also you can collect 12.500 points to earn $50 and 25.000 to earn $100 , its that simple. Payments are made via Visa Gift Cards.

How Can I Collect Points ?

There are 4 ways to collect points which are :

  1. Joining – 50 points
  2. Searching – 1 point
  3. Voting for search – 2 points
  4. Commenting on searches – 3 points

Can I Earn Referring People ?

Yes. You can earn 25% of the points your friends make!

Gosu’s thoughts :

I think you can really make money with Scour , its reasonable because you can search 3 biggest search engines at same time with Scour and each time you search they pay ( points) you. I have already made Scour my home page. Hope we all earn !

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3 Comments on “Make Money Online With Scour”

  • Wei Liang
    27 July, 2008, 14:11

    Nice research on the various ways to make money online. Scout is a good way to make money.

  • 2 September, 2008, 9:40

    i join mysearchfunds. did you already get paid from scour?

  • Feabionsu
    14 December, 2008, 7:15

    Hmm… that actually sounds nice. I mean, when I first started reading this blog post my immediate thought was how many other stuff like I this I have tried (and failed at), like the one where you have to view advertisements for 20 seconds to get 0.005 cents – but this is great.

    Not only do you get a point or more (not 0.001 of a point!) it’s just like a search engine, and who cares if you can’t make money in a day, you’re going to search anyways. So you just search for a year and you’ll be bound to make some free money. =)

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