July PageRank Updates

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According to Google’s famous engineer Matt Cutts , new PageRank values will appear on Google Toolbars over the next few days , he also said that ;

I’m expecting that also in the next few days that we’ll be expiring some older penalties on websites.

Which means he will put your spam sites to Google Sandbox as he did to my trailer blog a few days ago. Before he deletes your blogs from Google search , do not forget to delete mass keyword spam in your blog posts , otherwise fat boy Matt will fart to your blogs.

By the way you can check your PageRank value from different Google datacenters clicking this link. Hope you guys get high value :)

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10 Comments on “July PageRank Updates”

  • Ruel
    26 July, 2008, 8:07

    Great news Onur! I’ve just gotten my PR updates for my blogs. Most of my blogs pagerank increased.

    2 blogs increased to pagerank 1
    3 increased to PR2
    2 increased to PR3

    I have 3 inactive blogs that went to PR n/a to PR0.

    Tahnks for the update.

  • inday
    26 July, 2008, 8:56

    i am still waiting for my Page Rank.. I hope i get a PR 3 at least..

  • Gosu
    26 July, 2008, 9:13

    gosublogger remained same , i hoped that it will be 4 or 5 :(

    another blog of me got pr 2 now , im sad for gosublogger :(

  • I Got Page Rank 5!
    26 July, 2008, 10:30

    Woohoo…!I am so happy because my blog Techodia got the first page rank and that is PR 5!My blog is alive on net on 3rd june 2008, and in less than 2 months i got this rank!
    You can check my PR here.

  • Gosu
    26 July, 2008, 10:38

    wow =D you lucky !

  • Shawn Ralf
    26 July, 2008, 13:21

    marttan beir yazıyorum fazla içeriğim yok ama sağolsun yüksek pr’li arkadaşlar ile link takası yaptım.Şimdi ise Pagerank değerim 3

  • Gosu
    26 July, 2008, 14:07

    link falan hikaye ya , benim sayısız pr5 sitelerden naturel linkim var ama 1 yıldır pr2 =D sövcem bu googlea

  • Shawn Ralf
    26 July, 2008, 18:37

    google yanlış birşey anlamıştır bence 😛

  • inday|psp themes
    27 July, 2008, 8:56

    i think your blog gosublogger, deserves a higher page rank.. let’s just wait and see. the updating is not yet over..

  • Gosu
    27 July, 2008, 9:46

    thank you inday =) , im glad that i got high rank in your hearts:)

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