Google Knol : Google’s new wiki-like service

This item was filled under [ News ] Lively , Attempting to buy Digg , and now they launched their wiki-like service Knol whose slogan is ” a unit of knowledge” at a glance to the Knol , it looks more academic and professional compared to wiki , but we all know that its hard for Knol to take place of wiki since wiki is an organization and both loved and supported by millions , also wiki is in many languages from English to Turkish unlike Google’s Knol. Of course Knol will be developed but it will take long time for Google to gather unique articles in many languages.

Knol’s features :

  1. It has advanced HTML editor , where you can use advanced HTML tags.
  2. You can licence your content.
  3. You can make money with Google Adsense from your articles. ( Their slogan should be “monetizing the knowledge” )
  4. You can intive people to help you write your article.
  5. You can verify your identity with a phone or a credit card.

I wish all the knowledge were gathered in one encyclopedia , and i think wiki is proper one.

You can check Knol clicking here .
You can check Wiki clicking here.

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