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While I was surfing on the web today , i saw a turkish wordpress template designer and i liked his templates and decided to convert one i loved .

Today’s template Gabfire maq has 3 columns and 2 ad spaces for 160 x 600 on left ads and 250 x 250 on right which means you can get high CTR using this Adsense ready blogger template. Also it has a nice navigation menu and a stylish background . I’m sure most of you will love this template . Do not forget to subscribe my RSS feeds.

Gabfire Maq Blogger XML Template

  • 3 columns
  • 2 special ad spaces
  • Stylish navigation menu
  • Supports widgets on Blogger
  • XML template
  • Adsense Ready
  • XHTML & CSS compliance

Adding More Menus to Navigation

Find the lines below from your template using CTRL + F combination.

<li><a expr:href=’data:blog.homepageUrl’>Home</a></li>

Now add your menus like the example below AFTER the lines above.

<li><a href=”MENU LINK”>MENU NAME</a></li>

Now preview and if its ok save your template.

You can be a sponsor for my template just for $50 , after you become sponsor i will put your blogs/websites link to template’s footer and it will help you increase your ranks on technorati , alexa and you will get backlinks from countless blogs.This will both affect your SERP and PageRank.


If you want more , you can support me :)

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18 Comments on “Gabfire Maq Blogger Template”

  • Shawn Ralf
    28 July, 2008, 14:40

    bir wordpress temasının nasıl bir blogger temasına dönüştürüleceğine dair bir yazı ya da ders olsa keşke.if temasını ben çevirebilirim o zaman 😛

    -yoksa ekmeğimi birileri elimden alır düşüncesi mi var sizde 😛 –

  • Gosu
    28 July, 2008, 14:48

    üzümü ye bağını sorma =)

    şaka bir yana bunun nasıl yapıldığını anlatacagımı daha once bloggerdestek de söylemiştim ralf kardeş

    sonra bunun netten anlatmakla yapılamayacgnı dusundum , yemek tarifi değilki :) if teması hos değil yaw =/

    türkçe yorumları’e beklerim =)

  • JohnDoe|EagleEye|
    28 July, 2008, 15:53

    Gosu…why don´t you try converting this one? It´s a free WP theme



    28 July, 2008, 16:45

    gosu senin beleş domain mefta olmuş galiba :)

  • Gosu
    28 July, 2008, 17:23

    john i dont think that massipress will look as good as in blogger as its in wordpress

  • Basto
    28 July, 2008, 21:02

    Bravo pour la template :)

  • DurXc
    28 July, 2008, 23:30

    If you can do this theme I will donate alot and you would make my day :) btw keep up the good work

  • Pushpinder Singh Bagga
    29 July, 2008, 4:08

    amazing template


  • Gosu
    29 July, 2008, 7:29

    what theme durxc?
    thanks bagga =)

  • Anonymous
    7 August, 2008, 16:30


    thanks for the nice template.
    is there a way to show the description of ths blog name also? that would be super if it is possible.

    cheers, ken.

  • 9 June, 2009, 12:23

    I am not able to use a logo instead of the title. I am using the layout edit and doing it like I do all my sites but it does not recognize the logo and just uses the title. Any suggestions on changing that? I also am getting white title on my home page but all my different navigational channels the text is black. I checked the code and the color code is correct why is it displaying black? Thanks for help!

    Dominic Gross


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