Income Report of May

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Everybody shares their income report , and i want to share my blogging income too , now i will share report of May with you , also wanna share the sites from where i make money ,Heres report of May .

  1. Adsense $204
    I made this amount with two sites of mine , the other web site in Turkish brought me a lot of cash from Adsense thanks to its template.
  2. SponsoredReviews $240
    It was a nice month for me , people bought reviews for $50 $100 even $120 , if you pagerank value is 3 or 3+ , you can make a lot of money registering SponsoredReviews.
  3. Matched £5
    Matched paid me £5 for referrals , if you want to make money showing relevant banners on your blog , register Matched ,they pay £5 ($9.5) for a month.
  4. Paypal Donations $50
    Indians , Malaysians and Philippinos love me :) and i also love them , thanks for your supports :)

Total : $503.5

Its the first time i got paid that amount of money , now im happy do not have any worries for summer :) thanks everybody!

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6 Comments on “Income Report of May”

  • Thinchhia
    17 June, 2008, 15:34

    haha you are a rich boy! so when can i see my request template?

  • Gosu
    17 June, 2008, 15:58

    i was lucky this previous month , i have a lot of theme requests , be patient lol =P

  • Anjar Priandoyo
    18 June, 2008, 1:58

    Congratulations then :)
    i’m trying to monetize my blog to, but still at very beginning. Wish me come to position like yours.

  • Ljiljan
    22 June, 2008, 21:55

    Congratulations for your earning bro! And of course congratulations for winning Croatia in Euro 2008 :)

  • bm
    23 June, 2008, 14:02

    congrats :)

  • Iraz
    27 June, 2008, 6:42

    Hey — I saw this clean template while randomly browsing.

    thought you might be interested:


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