Guess What Happened in StarBucks

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Hey again ,today i was in hurry because i would meet with my friend in somewhere , anyway after we met we decided to eat something and then we ate KFC Xtreme Menu as usual , then we went to Starbucks and guess what happened ๐Ÿ˜€

As you know in Starbucks they write your name on cups , but this time they did not ask my name , anyway i sat and waited for my coffee to get prepared , they somebody said “GOSU !” and i looked to waiter , she said “hey i use one of your template called langit ” , i got shocked , i was a bit shy and i thanked her for choosing me :) , then she did not want any money for coffee , she said “this is for your work , please do not pay anything” , i insisted on paying the money but she rejected , then i thanked again i drank the coffee .

I did not know that i was that famous =P , but today i checked my ranks and i realized that gosublogger is best 38th blog in Turkey , although its not in turkish language and its placed in top 5k in technorati , i want to thank you nice guys for visitng me :)

By the way , Gosu is not my name , it means being master in something in korean , and its my nick name on internet for 2 years , gosublogger means master in blogger ๐Ÿ˜› , but thats something you can decide :)

Thanks again ! Wish you happy days =)

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One Comment on “Guess What Happened in StarBucks”

  • chris
    28 June, 2008, 11:25

    That was a very sweet gesture.

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