4 New Networks To Make Money Online

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I know that most of we start blogging to make money , i found 4 new ad networks that help you to monetize your blog , since i have not tested these ad networks i could not put any comment to paragraphes , i copied descriptions from their own website. Here they are :

  1. Adpinion

    Adpinion is an advertising network based on a new method of targeting ads.

    We place a thumbs up and a thumbs down button on every ad we serve. A thumbs up says an ad is OK, and a thumbs down gets rid of it.

    For each person, we can use that feedback to learn what they like and dislike, and only show ads that they’re likely to be interested in.

    Publishers get the great benefit of showing relevant ads to their users. This naturally leads to increased click-through-rate, but it also keeps you from turning away users with ads that just don’t make sense for them.

    Plus, when a user doesn’t like an ad that’s showing on your page, they can click the thumbs down to make it disappear immediately instead of using an ad blocker. Adpinion can also pass along its knowledge of your userbase’s favorite ads to you, so you can better understand your audience.

  2. Adsrom

    Our valued advertisers have ads. Our advertisers get the best ad placements possible across thousands of websites and the website earns more revenue by AdsRom.com. AdsRom will pay webmasters up to 60% of the advertising revenue to place contextual ads on their Web sites or blogs. We can also offer the best rates compared to any network. Payments are based on a net 15-term on a bi-weekly schedule. Our experienced team consistently generates high quality, high performing campaigns from recognizable brand advertisers. Our safe and secure Contextual-Text-Ads Technology prevents webmasters from delivering ads with internet viruses and trojans.

  3. RealTechNetwork

    Payments are processed on the 25th day of each month for the previous month’s revenues. They are distributed via ACH direct deposit (US customers only but expanding soon), check, PayPal, or wire transfer. The network gives its publishers 70% of the revenues generated by their ad space, keeping 30%. The minimum payment amount each month is $20.

    RealTechNetwork offers a few different ad types and formats, and their basic ads come in a variety of sizes. Ads are available as a leaderboard (728 x 90), a standard banner (468 x 60), a half page ad (300 x 600), a medium rectangle (300 x 250), a small cube (180 x 150), a wide skyscraper (160 x 600), a skyscraper (120 x 600). Also available are a pop-under (720 x 300), an interstitial, and an expandable leaderboard (728 x 90). Finally, RealTechNetwork offers in-page video ads (300 x 250 or 728 x 90), streaming 15 and 30 second video-rolls (pre, mid, or post), and a mobile web advertising service that is currently in BETA.

  4. Blogrolled

    As a publisher, it’s just as easy. Once an advertiser makes a purchase from your listing, you will be notified of the sale. Once you’ve received the notification, you will be asked to place the ad on your site into your blogroll. Done. That’s it!

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2 Comments on “4 New Networks To Make Money Online”

  • World of Tech and Fun!
    26 June, 2008, 6:41

    Hi Gosu!
    Thanks for informing us abt this:)
    I have checked the Ad of Adpinion in your blog.It rocks.

  • 21 October, 2008, 4:17

    hi friend, have u ever get paid from this program adpinion??? i have nearly $25 in my acc now.

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