New Blogger XML Template : New Day

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Here’s a new Blogger XML template download for you: “A New Day”.

Demo | Download

Features :

  • New blogger XML version
  • 2 Columns blogger xml template
  • Widget Ready blogger xml template
  • Full Valid CSS blogger xml template

Tested On :

  • Firefox 2.0 : Succesful
  • Apple Safari : Successful
  • IE : Succesful

Attention :

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3 Comments on “New Blogger XML Template : New Day”

  • Call Center Blogger
    5 May, 2008, 8:51

    Hi there Gosu, i forgot to subscribe to your feeds the past few days so I did that today.

    This template is nice and clean. I like it!

  • Call Center Blogger
    5 May, 2008, 9:08

    Thanks for subscribing too!

    Yeah, I know AWsurveys. I’ve been a member for about two weeks already. I’ve made 27 dollars so far. A member needs to make 75 dollars before he can cash out.

    But after doing the initial list of surveys in AWsurveys, I found they don’t have more to give members so I’m starting to think its a scam. I’ll be checking back with them to see if anything has changed.


  • Julie
    21 August, 2008, 9:52


    The link to download this nice template doesn’t work. Could you do something, please?!


    (I’m French so I don’t speak english very well! Sorry =) )

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