New Blogger XML Template : Ayumi

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Its hard to find fresh useful and stylish wordpress templates to convert into blogger xml templates these days you guys better suggest templates to me.

Features :

  • New blogger XML version
  • 3 Columns blogger xml template
  • Widget Ready blogger xml template
  • Full Valid CSS blogger xml template
  • Adsense ready blogger xml templates

Tested On :

  • Firefox 2.0 : Succesful
  • Apple Safari : Successful
  • IE : Succesful

Advertise On This Template :

  • $50 for links on footer ( you will have backlinks on blogs that use my templates )
  • $5 for 125 X 125 images

Attention :

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11 Comments on “New Blogger XML Template : Ayumi”

  • James
    7 May, 2008, 15:35

    Good idea..I think this site is a good reference for fresh wordpress themes :

  • Gosu
    7 May, 2008, 15:38

    hey thanks james!

  • Anonymous
    8 May, 2008, 22:50

    Hey, if you are really wanting to convert a wordpress, I really really really want this one. Thanks!

  • Thinchhia
    10 May, 2008, 13:55
  • Gosu
    11 May, 2008, 8:03

    it look great i wll convert this today

  • Gosu
    11 May, 2008, 12:58

    sutraskins aint working


    Thinchhia ;

    its great template but blogger gives error while testing it i ll share it as soon as i solve the problem thanks

  • LaGringaMasBella
    12 May, 2008, 5:25

    I mailed you this one but everyone else can take a peak, I really like this one:

    It would be nice as a 3column similiar to the Mornin template you already converted!

    -Lisa :)

  • makhina hobi
    8 August, 2008, 22:25

    selam arkadaşım türk olduğunuza çok sevindim derdimi anlatabileceğim için :)ayumuyi bayıldım ama downland yapılamıyor açılan sayfada hata veriyor,yardımcı olabilirsen sevinirim,ayrıca belirtmeden geçemiyeceğim bir türk gencinin google ait blogspot şablonları düzenlemesi bana gurur verdi( ki bana göre zor )başarılarınızın devamını dilerim.

  • kecebongoreng
    14 August, 2008, 12:27

    i hope you can convert this theme


  • 29 January, 2009, 10:43

    @gosu This actually looks like it’s wordpress, kewl :) I’d love to see this one, full screen on the bottom.

    @ anonymous – Love that restaurant theme!

  • 29 January, 2009, 10:46

    err… sorry… here’s the url…

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