5 Things I Experinced About SEO

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Its time to share my search engine optimization knowledge , i will explain you how to raise your SERP on Google , optimizing your blogger template and blog posts .

Change Your Blog Title

Title is one of most important thing to optimize for SEO , you should put a few keywords describing your blog,as we know blogger limits keywords for title , but we can break this limit by editing our template :

  • From your blogger dashboard click Layout and then click Edit HTML tab
  • Find the lines below

  • Change this lines with
    <title xml:lang=’en’>YOUR-KEYWORDS</title>

  • and save your template.

Now your blog title changed,but your template title(header) remained same. Like this windows 7 blog.

Change Your Post Title H Tags

<h1> tags are important for Google , most templates use <h2> tags as a default tag , so how can we change <h2> tags to <h1> tags ?

  • Find the lines below and look for H tags around the line

  • When you find h tag change it to h1 , but do NOT forget to change the closing tag to h1 too,like this
    <b:if cond=’data:post.link’>
    <a expr:href=’data:post.link’><data:post.title/></a>
    <b:if cond=’data:post.url’>
    <a expr:href=’data:post.url’><data:post.title/></a>

    If your post title looks very big , search h1 tag in your css codes and change font-size for h1

    font-family: Georgia, Sans-serif;
    font-size: 24px;
    padding: 0 0 10px 0;

  • Save your template.

Emphasize Keywords In Your Posts

Emphasize a few keyword in your post , to do so make keywords bold italic or use some colors
emphasized keywords are another important criteria for Google.

Edit Your Meta Tags

Search meta tag generators on Google and create meta tags for your blog , but do not forget to put “/” before “>” tag .

<META CONTENT=’EN’ HTTP-EQUIV=’Content-Language’/>

Use Your Post Titles Logically

Use keywords in your post titles like

Make Money Online with XXXX

New Blogger XML Template : XXXXX

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