29 Adsense Alternatives Where You Can Monetize Your Blog

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I collected the ad networks from where blogger and webmasters can generate money.

  1. Yahoo! Publisher Network: Display contextual ads on your site via the Yahoo! Publisher Network.
  2. ValueClick Inc.: You’ll get quality advertisers, support and advanced technology from ValueClick.
  3. Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion’s impression-based ad service focuses on targeting and optimization.
  4. eXelate Targeting eXchange: This program relies on delayed ad cookies.
  5. Clicksor Inc.: Clicksor focuses on contextual ads that can be presented in a number of different ways, such as text, graphics and in-line links.
  6. Indeed: Post job listings from Indeed and get paid.
  7. Chitika eMiniMalls: Promote products through interactive merchandise kiosks and provide both relevant content and comparative shopping to readers. You’ll get paid per click.
  8. AdSonar: Attract advertisers and build relationships with them individually through this platform.
  9. ExpoActive: Get freedom, from specific ads to style, with ExpoActive.
  10. AdVolcano LLC: Using AdVolcano’s platform, you can design your ads, set your own prices and screen your advertisers.
  11. eXelate Targeted Links: Pick and choose the advertisers you want on your site with this program.
  12. grokAds.com: Set your price and choose which advertisers to accept with grokAds.com.
  13. Adify: Get editorial control and high-value advertising on your site with Adify. You can even set your own prices.
  14. AdBriteInc.: Using AdBrite, you have the option to approve and reject ads that will appear on your blog, and you can even use it to sell directly to your own users.
  15. BidVertiser.com: These ads are highly customizable, and you have the option to block any ad you don’t want displayed on your blog.
  16. Blogads: Get invited to this exclusive network of bloggers, and you’ll have high-quality, relevant advertising on your blog.
  17. Casale Media Inc.: Get high-quality advertisers and control with Casale Media.
  18. DoubleClick Inc.: DoubleClick offers differentiation and lots of solutions for publishers.
  19. BlueLithium: Get great ad targeting, selective partnerships and better ad performance with BlueLithium.
  20. LinkAds: These text ads come with lots of control.
  21. PaidTextLinks.com: Sell links on your site and retain editorial control over what’s posted with this service.
  22. One Monkey Inc.: You can host highly targeted, text-based ads and earn a great percentage of revenue with One Monkey.
  23. Kontera ContentLink: ContentLink turns relevant keywords within your content into a hyperlink ad.
  24. Text Link Ads: Text Link Ads’ simple, nonintrusive ads are a good choice for many bloggers.
  25. TAGword: Select your ads and set your prices with TAGword.
  26. LinkAdage Auctions: Sell text links through private online auctions with LinkAdage.
  27. LinkWords: LinkWords offers pay-per-click revenue embedded in your content, highlighting keywords that are relevant for advertisers.
  28. Textlinkbrokers.com: Get unobtrusive, small link ads, as well as a steady monthly payout that doesn’t depend on traffic from Textlinkbrokers.com.
  29. Vibrant Media: Vibrant Media’s ads are in-text and completely user driven.
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    23 April, 2008, 14:28

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    12 June, 2008, 17:24

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