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Its approximately 2 months since i registered this domain ( it was webmaster-labs.blogspot.com before).From first day to today my blog ranks has raised dramatically,i wanna share my ranks and i want to tell you how i achived this.

Ranks :

Its only 2 months and now Gosublogger is Turkey’s best 175th blog and rank is still raising .I’m sure i m going to see my blog at top 20 .

My Alexa traffic rank was almost 8 million and now its 367,697 , i want to see my blog top 100k on Alexa.

My technorati rank was about 3 million and its 92,012 , my aim is to be listed in top 10k blogs.

My PageRank is zero , because Pagerank values havent not been updated since the day i registered this domain , but my PR is predicted 4

I had no rss readers , but now i have 47 readers, which was 58 a couple of days ago.

So far i have made :

In 2 months i made approximately $300 which is great amount for a beginner.

How i achived this :

  1. Because I love blogging.
  2. Because I’m blogging to fame.
  3. Because I do not copy.
  4. Because I digged , stumpled , redditted each post i published.
  5. Because I produced templates,widgets and other stuff for blogger. ( This is a mustbe for a blogger , you have to produce something. )
  6. Because I have my own domain. ( If you love your blog , register a domain for it)
  7. Because my main page does not look like Disney’s colorful pages.
  8. Because my blog content is loaded less than a second.
  9. Because there are “read more” hack for blogger which boosts your pageviews.
  10. Because I did not give up blogging although i had 50unique visitors in a day . ( Now my blog is visited by 500 unique visitors in a day )

The Secrets :

  • Produce something , give something different to your visitors.
  • Be patient , because being patient is common feature of todays well-known company founders.
  • And love your blog
  • Be multi-linguistic
  • Use keywords logically

If you put these secrets into practice :

  • You do not need to have a unique design. ( Even my little brother can design google’s main page)
  • You do not need to advertise your blog. ( Google did not advertise )
  • You do not need to beg your visitors for a beer or a coffee . ( Because money gotta find you)
  • You do not need unique visitors . ( Visitors need you )

These are what i have being doing recently , blogging is a hobby for me , i like writing , i like being read , being commented .. Thanks for reading me =)

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3 Comments on “GosuBlogger’s Statics”

  • La Blogueria
    31 March, 2008, 16:59

    Congratulations. I will favorite you in Technorati to see if you can achieve that top 10k (hope so).


  • Gosu
    31 March, 2008, 17:44

    thank ya blogueria =)

  • börkenek
    31 March, 2008, 19:22

    Tebrikler, başarının devamını diliyorum. :) Bana göre listedeki kilit nokta çok dilde (İngilizce) yayın yapmak.

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