Turkish Cuisine and Other Parts of Turkey With Pictures!

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A friend of mine sent me two great documents about Turkish cuisine and Turkey pictures,im pretty sure after looking this documents you will book a hotel in Turkey for this summer to taste these delicious turkish meals and wander along the seasides,you got a guide(me) so go ahead!

Turkish Cuisine : You will find the pictures of turkish meals you havent seen before.

Turkey Pictures : Awesome pictures from Turkey! From Aegean to Black Sea ..


Speacial Thanks Goes To AnneKaz for This Great Archive!

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2 Comments on “Turkish Cuisine and Other Parts of Turkey With Pictures!”

  • Anonymous
    29 February, 2008, 10:19

    i was in turkez once, in sarimsakli, i was there for 12 days, it was amazing!! people are so awesome, and very kind!! i teached one how to say peunat!! loool and every time i passed bz him (he was selling ice cream) he was saying peunat on serbian!! hehe i miss turkey, it was so fun there….hope to see it again…

  • OZ
    29 February, 2008, 10:43

    o realy? i have been in there before , sarımsaklı is quite cheap and has great beaches , hope to see you here again =)

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