10 Web 2.0 Design Tools

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If you’re interested in Web 2.0 , you should read this article because now i will give some web 2.0 generator sites where you can build your own web 2.0 web site , After reading his article you will be able to create your own logos , buttons , backgrounds , badgets menus and more..

1.Web 2.0 Logos

You need a logo with reflection and beta tag but you’re not good at designing a logo ? Not problem because this web 2.0 logo generator creates the logo you’re looking for,its really great.

But if it is not enough for you,and if you want a web 2.0 generator with various logo styles,and if you want to set colors,fonts and other things of your logo,you had better check this web 2.0 logo generator.

O you’re good at using photoshop and you think that a web 2.0 logo style file for photoshop is enough for you then download logo styles from here.

Or check my article about logos.

2.Web 2.0 Buttons

You need a web 2.0 image button and need a generator to obtain web 2.0 buttons easily , then check this generator.

You need professional web 2.0 button which changes color depending on mouse event ( on hover , on focus ) so you need to code cascading style sheet ( css ) to obtain a web 2.0 button like this,heres what you want.

And again you think that you can create buttons but you need photoshop layer styles thennn click here.

3. Web 2.0 Backgrounds

You want to use stripes as a background image , then create web 2.0 background images from here and here.

And if you need something different you can try 30 free fading backgrounds from bittbox.

4. Web 2.0 Rounded Boxes

If you need web 2.0 rounded boxes , you’re lucky because there are a lot of free rounded box generators like :

5. Web 2.0 Gradients

I could not find many sources of web 2.0 gradients , but there are two web site that you can create web 2.0 greadients , one is deziner folio and the other one is bittbox.

6. Web 2.0 Badges

I will create a article about web 2.0 badges in following days which includes a lot of free badgets that wait to be used.Now scrape with this two web 2.0 badge pack.Web 2.0 Badge Packs from dezinerfolio and bittbox

7. Web 2.0 Menus and Tabs

There are tons of free menus and tabs but im sure the bests are these from overzone and dynamic drive

8. Web 2.0 Icons

There are various web sites that supply web 2.0 icons for we webmasters but these are special ones where you can find whatever you are looking for easily :

And icon search engines :

Do not worry thats all for icons.

9. Web 2.0 Colors

Yeah , there are also web 2.0 colors , you may not have heard about web 2.0 colors , just check these web site to know about it Web 2.0 Colour Palette and Web 2.0 Secret Weapon and Web 2.0 Color Scheme

10. Web 2.0 Fonts

Personally i like fonts and i have shared over 25,000 fonts with you all , now i will give the link of web site where you can find web 2.0 fonts ; Urbanfonts and Dafont and
Better fonts and Great Fonts for Web 2.0 .

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