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People is still stupid about stealing somebody’s content,they think that they are clever,somebody do i earn, i wonder their daily unique visitor quantity and what they feel as a result of seeing no visits on their blog.Anyway if you come up such occasions do you know what to do?The worst thing to do is reporting them to search engines,and probably they will be banned from engines.Here the list of report links of top search engines ;

Google Spam Report : Read what google think about this occasions ;

Yahoo! Spam Report : Report content thieves to Yahoo! You can also read Yahoo!’s copyright policy.

Report to Adsense Team : Probably the thief is created a made-for-adsense blog,so reporting him to adsense team will be a catastrophe for him.

Report to Blogger : If his blog hosted by Blogger,report him to blogger and let them delete his blog.Imagine his face when he sees his blog deleted.

Report to WordPress : If hosted by WordPress then report to wordpress.

You can also use the website below to reduce this visit stats ;

Report to SPLOG : Spam + Blog = SPLOG , report them splog.

Report to SPLOGSPOT : Same as splog.

After reporting thieves to top search engines,the blogosphere will be cleaner and more readable.Please report content thieves to save the future of blogs.

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