How i grown up to %2,400 on Alexa

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I get suprised whenever i check my alexa rating,because my rating always increases,from millions to thousands in 88 days , i don’t know my first alexa rating but my current rank is 865,770 which is quite satisfying for such a new blog.And also i achieved my aim which was to get most traffic from United States.Because advertisers look these 3 criteria ; most traffic must be from US,UK and CA and the most advertisers from these countries.But most traffic comes to my blog from these countries ;

You may shock when you see Turkey in second place and Malaysia third,since i am turkish and this blog is the best 200th blog in Turkey(rank is still increasing and do not look down on Turkey since its population is 70million and theres millions of blogs.) is the reason why i get that traffic from Turkey . And as far as i know Malaysians are really interested in blogging and internet,thats why you can see them in every blog community,even in your traffic stats.

So wondering how did i promoted my blog and got traffic from US even though i live in Turkey and my mother language is turkish?(do not worry i wont claim that my english is great.) Then Look what i made to achieve my targets ;

  • Digg,Mixx,StumpleUpon and Reddit are traffic generators,i digged half of my blog posts and created a few digg accounts(3-4),i posted the article and digged with my accounts , after 1-2 days i saw my digg stories on search queries,people clicked the digg link and directed to my blog.And people meet with my blog,some of them find my blog useful and subscribed my feeds,and others viewed my page when they needs something new. Add Digg,Mixx,StumpleUpon and Reddit button to your blogger, to get more visitors espcially from US.
  • Register webmaster forums and add your blog link as signature,instead of asking questions to people,try to answer questions and known as troubleshooter ,this will bring you more traffic than you think.Because people will try to find answer to their questions on your blog.I registered webmaster forums and gave answers to peoples questions, after a few days people start to visit my page,because it is webmaster forums and this is webmaster blog.If you have a travelling blog then register some travelling forums.
  • Try to create groups on Facebook ,this is what i discovered recently,thinking that creating a group for bloggers will bring me traffic, theres 40 million facebook accounts somehow you can gather 2,000 members to your group and imagine half of this number visit each other’s blog daily,this means extra 1,000 unique from facebook! Join Blog Writer’s Corner and make this imagination come true.
  • Join blog communities , and while registering never leave blank your rss feed url, is another traffic generator for my blog.Because people search on blogcatalog and see posts from my rss feeds,and they click the link and redirected to my blog.

Yes,these 4 simple tricks made me rise in Alexa,and keeps bumping my alexa rating.As soon as you use these tricks you will also see the benefits of these tricks.Happy Blogging!

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2 Comments on “How i grown up to %2,400 on Alexa”

  • Rajavanya
    29 January, 2008, 4:06

    Great tips man !
    Thank you very very much.

    I have not tried facebook, but used orkut for this. But I never had returning visitors, even though they appreciated. Coz most of them are not web junkies. Their routine was just to check mail and chat. They never even knew to use RSS or bookmarks.

    I have not thought of this forum idea. I am sure I will get some techy visitors with that signature idea..

    Aboud DIGG. My pages were hardly digged. I stopped believing in DIGG, because not all pages digged are good, and not all not digged pages are bad. You can search for how to get your post on DIGG front page. They mainly use friends concept for DIGG and make friends to digg it.

    Stumble upon on the other hand is a good site.

    I have subscribed your blog by mail. Keep writing such interesting articles…

  • Rajavanya
    29 January, 2008, 4:57

    My blog gets >50 unique visitors everyday.

    I have added ur links on the Favs section.

    Can U please give me a link also

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