5 ways to increase your entrecard traffic and entrecredit.

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I do not know how many unique visitors do you get daily, from entrecard ,but there is craziness about entrecard thing,however i get only 8 unique visitors per a day from entrecard clicks,since i experinced a few things with entrecard i wanna tell you uselful entrecard tips & tricks ;

1-Drop a card to every blog you see entrecard widget to get entrecard credits,because you need entrecards to advertise on other blogs.

2-Dont advertise before checking blog,your advertising will make no sense on blogs which have wack layout.Because people closes the window when they see bad template,and they scrolls down till the footer when they come across with a great template style.

3-Check blogs rating on alexa.com and advertise on those whose rank is between 1-1,000,000,pagerank isnt criteria for advertising.

4-Put your widget to the main page where people can see entrecard widget without scrolling down,people will wait in quene to advertise on your blog and this will bring you great amount of entrecredits.

5-Put an atractive image to to your entrecard profile to get people’s attention on blogs.

This five tips enough for you to boost your traffic.But entrecard doesnt bring enough traffic to change your alexa rating.It was like a fashion its come and went.Only new bloggers get busy with entrecard thing.And advertising on new bloggers for a day wont change anything.But try to get link from them since its easy to get link from new bloggers, and remember that one day they will have pagerank too and you will understand the benefits of getting link from new bloggers.

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4 Comments on “5 ways to increase your entrecard traffic and entrecredit.”

  • Debby
    23 January, 2008, 22:33

    I like Entrecard for not only bringing new visitors to my site but I have found a dozen or so new blogs that I have added their RSS feed to my reader. I have found blogs that I wouldn’t usually add to my reader that I think are interesting.

    I thought I already knew all the blogs that I thought were popular in affiliate marketing but after surfing through Entrecard I found a few others that I have become a regular reader of.

    Most importantly by finding these new blogs I am constantly learning something new every day.

    Even if Entrecard only brings you a handful of new readers, isn’t it worth it for free advertising?!

  • OZ
    24 January, 2008, 6:43

    theres a few like you , others are surf in order to get entrecredits, it doesnt mean that your have readers it means you have artificial surf bots. the real readers are those who find you from google and subscribe your rss..or from the blogs who linked to you ..

  • Anonymous
    7 February, 2008, 10:24

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  • OZ
    7 February, 2008, 11:04

    @anonymous ;

    definetly you’re right..

    for example ;

    text-link-ads wont let you join their publisher program if your alexa rank is lower than the secret rate they determined.

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